Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Garden Tour - Part One

 I stepped away from this blog for almost two years.  My goal is to get back to regularly sharing life from my spot in the world.  I thought I would start with a garden tour.

Let's start on the back deck with raspberries.   We dug these up as tiny plants when we moved the raspberry bed.  Adding in these should almost finish filling the raspberry area.

Boysenberries are a new addition.  These were small plants from Baker Creek that I am growing out on the deck.  I have never eaten a boysenberry so I am excited to add these to the yard.

I am curious to see how this tarragon handles the heat this summer.  It looks lovely now although I think I may need to plant it in the ground. 

Passionfruit and figs - I lost my passionfruit to the very cold winter two years ago.  I am starting from scratch.  The fig came from the watermelon picking crew last year.  I have no idea what variety it is.

Avocado trees that I purchased from a yard sale.  I also have one that grew on its own from a discarded pit.

Our lime tree, Eloise, has had a rough start as she does not love the winters here.  She looks a bit sad but does have some limes.

I have two banana trees also from Baker Creek that I am growing out on the deck.   Our neighbor has banana trees and actually harvests bananas so I am hopeful these will produce. 

I have three olive trees purchased on clearance from a big box store last year.  I was very surprised to see a few olives this year.  There is actually an olive farm in my part of the state so these should thrive here.


Lilac Dreams said...

Welcome back to bloging. Excited to watch your garden grow!

Susan in SC said...

I love your plants!