Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Savings

Monday - This was my regular monthly visit to the nursing home.  I knew I had to go to town later in the week so I opted not to make a stop at the grocery store.  My only extra purchase was dollar store brand double sided tape for my Christmas cards.

Tuesday - I started off expecting a very busy week with a tutoring session and a private computer lesson to teach.  I set about rushing to get as much as could done.  I made a loaf of bread and eight hamburger buns.  I also wanted to use up some buttermilk so I made a double batch of whole wheat waffles to freeze.  I reorganized the refrigerator so I could see what we needed to eat.  By the end of the day all of my extra plans fell apart.

Wednesday - This was errand day.  I had a dentist appointment and W had a separate appointment.  He dropped me off at the dentist and then picked me up.  We headed to Lowe's to look at windows and doors for the new house and also check on new chairs for the deck.  We went looking for specific chairs.  While searching for those, we found a different chair on clearance.  It was cheaper and better made than our original choice.  We were able to buy four rather than two!  We stopped at two grocery stores, and I stayed within my budget.  W decided we would go through the drive through at the drug store so we would not be tempted to make an extra purchase.  We also came home to eat lunch. 

Thursday - Another change of plans....W decided to clean out the storage building which meant he needed me to help.  I used some paper boxes that I rescued from the trash at church to organize my canning jars.  I set aside a couple of things to donate.  It was mostly organizing.  I had wanted to clean out the building so I could move some items out of the pantry.  When I started moving stuff, I found evidence of mice.  That lead to a full blown cleaning of the pantry.  I ended up finishing half of it before I had to quit and clean the church.

Friday - I got up and started back to work on the pantry.  That took half of the day.  Once I was finished I needed a break.  I did not get much done until it cooled off outside and I finished cleaning the deck.

Saturday - I harvested basil seeds from the plants in the garden.  The leaves on the plants that had seeded went to the chickens.  I harvested the leaves from the plants that had not gone to seed and put them in the dehydrator.  I made a cake from scratch for Sunday lunch.  I normally always have basic ingredients on hand for cooking from scratch.  Since these ingredients can be used in multiple ways, it is cheaper for me to buy the basics.

Monday, August 25, 2014

To Do List and Last Week's Savings

My first week of making a list went well.  Here is an update: 



  1. Clean off deck – I blame not finishing this on the heat.  We were under a heat advisory for several days.  When it feels like 90 degrees before 9am, you just give up and stay inside.

  1. Clean around fish pond – Done!

  1. Take pictures and measurements of items to list on eBay - Done


  1. Make spaghetti pies to freeze. - Done
  2. Make yogurt. - Done


  1. Crochet 5 wash cloths - Done
  2. Work on Christmas cards - Done
  3. Sand wood pieces for one matching game – Done


Here is my list for this week:


  1. Finish cleaning deck.  We are expecting cooler weather so this should get done.
  2. Post items on eBay.



  1. Make waffles for freezer.
  2. Make bread and hamburger buns
  3. Can pear pie filling




  1. Crochet 6 wash cloths.
  2. Work on Christmas cards
  3. Sand wood for second matching game.


I had a quiet money saving week so I decided to include that in with this post.  I spent the week at home.  I purchased no groceries as we had more than enough food here at home. 


I have been decluttering my closet and cleaning out clothes that are worn.  That means I have had to replace some items.  Rather than purchasing new clothes, I have been shopping on eBay for gently used clothing.  I wear a hard to find size so purchasing clothing at yard sales is not an option. 


I dried all of the clothes either outside or on drying racks in the house.