Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Back With Yard Sale Finds

Anyone miss me? Between work and a big remodeling project at home I have not had the time or motivation to post. The remodeling project is nearing an end (more about that in a future post), and my teaching job is finished until sometime in January. Now I have time to focus on my blog again.

A few weekends ago was the big yard sale weekend in my area. A large indoor yard sale and many individual yard sales are a bargain hunter's dream. This is part one of the yard sale finds. I have a few other items that have not been photographed yet. Here are my treasures:

First some random kitchen items including a pastry cutter, rose molds, candy thermometer, doughnut cutter, and mini bundt pans. I lumped these items in with some other things to get a better deal.

A fun letter holder that keeps all of my birthday/anniversary cards to be mailed and stamps organized. The second item is a great purse. I love odd things and this purse is definitely ME. The strap was way too long, but dh shortened it for me so it is perfect.

I got all of these books for $3. I was really excited about the ghost story books. I love a good ghost story. I am also interested in reading The Black Dahlia.

I write a bunch of letters. A handwritten and snail mailed letter is so much nicer than email. Fortunately I have lots of friends who share those sentiments and write back to me. This great box of stationery was only $1 and was filled with beautiful paper.

My last purchase was a brand new coffee grinder. I want to roast and grind my own fair trade organic coffee. I looked at this coffee grinder several times, but it was priced higher than I wanted. Apparently I was the only one looking at it though. On my third trip by I offered the seller $5 and he agreed. I am looking forward to putting it to good use.