Monday, August 25, 2014

To Do List and Last Week's Savings

My first week of making a list went well.  Here is an update: 



  1. Clean off deck – I blame not finishing this on the heat.  We were under a heat advisory for several days.  When it feels like 90 degrees before 9am, you just give up and stay inside.

  1. Clean around fish pond – Done!

  1. Take pictures and measurements of items to list on eBay - Done


  1. Make spaghetti pies to freeze. - Done
  2. Make yogurt. - Done


  1. Crochet 5 wash cloths - Done
  2. Work on Christmas cards - Done
  3. Sand wood pieces for one matching game – Done


Here is my list for this week:


  1. Finish cleaning deck.  We are expecting cooler weather so this should get done.
  2. Post items on eBay.



  1. Make waffles for freezer.
  2. Make bread and hamburger buns
  3. Can pear pie filling




  1. Crochet 6 wash cloths.
  2. Work on Christmas cards
  3. Sand wood for second matching game.


I had a quiet money saving week so I decided to include that in with this post.  I spent the week at home.  I purchased no groceries as we had more than enough food here at home. 


I have been decluttering my closet and cleaning out clothes that are worn.  That means I have had to replace some items.  Rather than purchasing new clothes, I have been shopping on eBay for gently used clothing.  I wear a hard to find size so purchasing clothing at yard sales is not an option. 


I dried all of the clothes either outside or on drying racks in the house.