Friday, August 15, 2014

Furry Friday - Leo Goes to The Vet

I have another pet story this Friday.  A few weeks ago I took Leo to the vet.  He and Paris had entirely different reactions to the vet.  Paris still managed to purr and be civil.  Leo on the other hand was that child that pitches a hissy fit in the middle of a store.  He was fine until the assistant (a neighbor that he has met) came in and offered him a treat.  He completely refused it which should have been my first clue that things were not going to go well.  Leo is led by his stomach and will do anything for a treat. 


She put the treat down and left them room.  Then a few minutes later the vet came in with the assistant.  Leo growled and snarled.  He sent the assistant to get a muzzle.  They tried to put the muzzle on this now wild puppy.  They managed to get a loop leash around his neck and no more. 


They left with him and were going to try to put a leather muzzle.  I could hear even more snarling and snapping.  The vet peeked in and said they were going to have to sedate him.  I gather while one person distracted the snarling end another gave him a shot at the opposite end.


A few minutes later I had a very loopy puppy.  He was out enough to have his exam and get his rabies shot.  After waiting for him to be awake enough to walk, we headed home. 



This is how he looked for the remainder of the day.  I really question the reports that animals lower your blood pressure!

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