Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekly Savings

Unfortunately this past week's spending was more than my savings.  We purchased fencing so our yard can be fenced in.  This project is a combination of keeping the dogs (Leo and our parent's 3) in and keeping people out.  I expect there will be some savings involved in this project but for now it is all spending.  This is funded as a loan from one of our savings accounts. 

I did manage a few savings this week though.  Meals were all served at home.  I worked extra hard this week to use up the garden produce in the refrigerator.  This resulted in us eating several meatless meals.  I also took time to dig around in the big freezer and set aside several items to use in meals this week.

I saved on Paris' trip to the vet following the snake bite by taking her during regular hours.  If I had waited even an hour, I would have had to pay an emergency visit fee. 

I sold 5 dozen eggs.  The money from this helps pay for the feed.  Since almost all of our chickens free range, the amount of feed they eat is less.  The chickens who do not free range get scraps. 

I made yogurt which goes into ranch dressing and makes a nice breakfast.  It is also a good supper on hot days.

Combined my errands and W's with one trip to town.  It meant a savings of gas over taking two trips.

It was a quiet week (moneywise) full of the usual savings so not much of interest to report. 

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Terri Cheney said...

Praise God for quiet weeks! I don't feel like I did so much either but it all adds up.