Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Savings

Monday - This was the start of the fence project.  I guess the money saving portion of this project was on labor.  W and my dad did all of the work.  We did save money by reusing a couple of gates. 

Tuesday - We got some rain but it was early in the day.  I was able to dry clothes on the line.  I worked on cleaning the raised bed area.  I pulled enough grass between the beds for the rabbits and chickens.  We had mulched the area with leaves from the oak tree so the grass was easy to pull up.  Since the oak tree is continually dropping leaves, we have a good supply of free mulch.  I used a wire shelf out of something to keep a pumpkin up off the ground hopefully preventing it from rotting.

Wednesday - W and I combined our errands into one trip again.  I came in under my $25 grocery budget for the week.  I found self watering flower pots on sale for $2 each and bought 10.  I hope to use these for herbs.  I want to grow herbs in pots in the greenhouse this winter.  Most of my current pots are cracked and replacements were needed.  The pots were regular $5 each so it was a significant savings.

I rinsed seeds from a cantaloupe I grew to dry for planting next year.  Any seeds that I can save mean less money spent this winter while planning for the fall garden.

Thursday - I had planned to make taco pasta for lunch, but W requested taco salads instead.  That meant we had leftover taco seasoned meat.  I prepped an easy future meal.  I put a layer of tortilla chips in a pie pan (saved from when we ate a tomato tart), spread the taco seasoned meat over the chips, and added a layer of salsa.  I will thaw this out and bake to warm topping with a bit of cheese.  I will serve it with lettuce, more salsa, and sour cream.

I finally got started making my Christmas cards.  I am not a fan of the after Christmas crowds so I make my cards.  I had red cardstock left from last year.  I did purchase a rubber stamp and an embossing folder.  I will likely sell the rubber stamp but can use the embossing folder for many other projects.

I worked in the raised beds again.  I planted the first bed with cantaloupe (saved seeds), broccoli, radish, and nasturtium seeds.  Planting cantaloupe this time of year is a test.  Broccoli is supposed to keep bugs away from cantaloupe, but broccoli is a fall/winter crop in my area.  The radishes and nasturtiums should also keep bugs away.

Friday - I needed cake crumbs for a recipe so I baked a single cake layer from scratch.  I had all of the ingredients on hand.  I chose a buttermilk cake to help use up some buttermilk.

I spent more time working on my Christmas cards. 

Late in the evening I got back to work in the raised beds.  The chickens/rabbits/ducks have been happy to eat all of the weeds.  I trimmed back several tomato plants that had sprouted new growth from the base.  If all goes well, I will get a second crop of tomatoes.  Due to the weather where I live, it is not uncommon to harvest tomatoes the week after Christmas.

Saturday - I was up early to finish up the main raised beds.  I added compost to one of the smaller raised beds to help build it up just a bit.  I planted many seeds (basil, onions, broccoli, cabbage, kale, dill, chives, Swiss chard, bok choy, and marigolds.  I found several more tiny pumpkins.  If they all hold out, I will have plenty for decorating and freezing.

After lunch I worked on my cooking for a dinner at church.  I baked a cake incorporating crumbs from the cake I baked on Friday.  I made a ranch corn salad using tomatoes and peppers from the garden and homemade ranch dressing.  Finally I made deviled eggs with eggs from our chickens (of course).  My goal was to make foods that stayed within my grocery budget so I focused on basic ingredients or items I already had on hand.

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Terri Cheney said...

I think your 'taco pie' sounds interesting. It's a good idea.