Friday, January 30, 2015

Furry Friday - Leo

I am not sure that I mentioned we fenced in our yard this past summer.  Leo loves have free run of the yard now.  Best of all it gets rid of his puppy energy.  One of his favorite things is dragging sticks around the yard.  We have had some dreary days – too many in a row actually. 


On one of the rare sunny days as I started out the back door, I saw Leo napping/sunning with a rather large stick.




I guess I was not the only anxious to see the sun again.  For Leo nothing beats a good nap in the sunshine with his favorite stick.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Furry Friday - Bunnies

It has been a few months since I shared pictures of the rabbits.  Today I have some photos of the younger ones.  First up is BB.



I expect we will be keeping BB.  She is my little cousin’s favorite.  M likes to say that she eats her vegetables just like BB does.


Here are the four youngest rabbits.  They do not have names since we will not be keeping them all.  I am trying not to get too attached.  They are very cute so it is hard!