Thursday, January 22, 2015

Testing, Testing - Caramel Sauce

I have gotten lax about trying new recipes but am making an effort to get back to it.  I have tried multiple times to make caramel sauce.  Most of the recipes call for a candy thermometer.  Let me just say that candy thermometers and I are arch enemies.  We have agreed to stay far, far away from each other.  I have tried a few easy caramel sauce recipes with mixed results.  I am not one to give up so I kept searching.


I recently found this recipe on Pinterest.  It really did sound easy – no temperatures and simple instructions and ingredients.  It worked great.  My only error was putting it into a squeeze bottle.  When it sits in the refrigerator, it firms up.  I have been able to easily get it out with a spoon, but a jar would be a much better choice. 



I put the leftover evaporated milk into an ice cube tray and froze it.  Each cube is two tablespoons.  It will be easy to thaw out a few cubes and make caramel sauce.  Finally I am free from the expensive tasteless store bought version. 

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