Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Shower

I mentioned in my weekly savings post that I had helped with a wedding shower.  Here is the additional information that I promised.

Over the weekend I went to a wedding shower for our pastor’s son.  It was a brunch shower, and I had volunteered to provide a dish.  I was asked to do some type of breakfast casserole.  After searching around I found a recipe for mini spinach quiche, and it was quickly cleared with the hostess.  I used this recipe.  I did make a few changes.  I made my own crusts using a Pampered Chef mini tart shaper and a cream cheese dough.  For the filling any type of cheese will work.  I also replaced the sour cream with ¾ cup plain yogurt.  They are a nice size and were well received.



I had a piece of a roll of wrapping paper which was sufficient to wrap the package with a bit leftover.  I wanted to dress up the package just a bit.  I found a great tutorial for making a paper bow.  It was easy to do, and I was happy with the results.  I also used my scoring board and a piece of paper to make a small envelope.  I used another piece of the wrapping paper to line the envelope.  A scrap of paper was used to make a simple card with a stamped sentiment. 





Terri Cheney said...

Oh that all looks great! I love the bow...and I'm thinking maybe a mini quiche would freeze well and be a suitable thing for me on my days alone.

Shara said...

Thanks for the box tutorial link. That is awesome!

Helena said...

Gorgeous. I hope the shower went well.