Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Garden Update

I thought it was time for a quick garden update.  Even though we had some cold (for the south) weather last week, I still have some things growing outside.



On the left are red onions.  Do you see the metal and netting?  I am desperately trying to keep the squirrels from eating up all of my onions.  Does anyone have anti-squirrel tips?  On the right I have garlic.  I am waiting for the clover to get just a little bigger so that I can pull it up to feed to the ducks and chickens.



I was very surprised to find some spinach and dill growing in one of the raised beds.  Maybe the weeds protected it from the cold.  I hope both continue to grow.



In the greenhouse I have pepper seedlings growing under my new grow light.  I am happy that my dad and my husband finally figured out the problem as the peppers are thriving now.  The tomato plants on the right are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots.   


This week I hope to plant some more vegetable seeds in the greenhouse.  Spring is getting closer and closer!

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Kristina Cobb said...

That may seem counter-productive, but have you tried providing the squirrels with a feeder so they'd lay off your garden? You can also try dashing a bit of cayenne pepper on your garden. I'm sure they'll start running once they smell or get a hint of its spicy taste. In any case, the garden looks well, and it's obvious that you're taking care of it well. Thanks for sharing that, Dawn! All the best to you! :)

Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn & Garden