Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Savings

This was an extra quiet week since my husband was out of town for three days on a business trip.  There was some spending involved with that, but it was separate. 

I had some savings on my meals.  Normally I would have bought frozen meals from the grocery store.  This time I cooked using items from the pantry/freezer.  I ate better and it was much cheaper.

I purchased some items on sale from Joann's online.  This came from my saved money.  I also had my parents pick up some felt while they were out of town shopping.  I will use this to make the felt paper dolls as shown on The Prudent Homemaker as Christmas gifts.  They also found me some art sets on clearance which I will also use as Christmas gifts.

My only grocery purchase was $8 for 14 bottles of dish detergent using coupons. 

The rest of my time was spent reading and working on some craft projects.  I made colorful envelopes using my scoring board and copy paper.  It is much cheaper for me to make the envelopes than to buy them.  I use them with my handmade cards. 

I did make a pan of cinnamon rolls to take to a neighbor who lost her father this past week.  I made them with ingredients I had on hand so it was a frugal gift.  She mentioned at the funeral how much everyone enjoyed them. 


Terri Cheney said...

I used to carry either paper goods in or breakfast items when someone died. No one ever seemed to realize that both those items would be needed as company dropped in and family gathered. I know she truly did appreciate the cinnamon rolls.

christine said...

Someone brought paper goods (toilet paper, plates, paper towels, cups,etc.) when my mom pasted away. I can't tell you how much this was appreciated. We had family coming in from out of town and the last thing you want to do is to go to the store at a time like this. This is a very thoughtful help to the family as they go through a difficult time.

Audra said...

I agree with Christine, that was an amazing gift from a family member and friends who brought paper products to me, when my mom was dying and subsequently passed. I had a house full of people 30/35 at a time and was overwhelmed. Breakfast items are also a great idea, I will be sure to add that to my list of things to make for grieving families.