Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekly Savings

I am trying to do better with blogging.  No promises on how long it will last.

I only spent $7.50 on groceries last week.  That was for two gallons of milk and two pounds of carrots.

I stayed home all week except for a quick trip to the bank and pick up cat food.  I browsed the holiday clearance but left empty handed.

The weather has been mild, and we only needed to use the wood heater for a couple of days.

Our test of a way to grow greens for the animals was a success.  I will share more on that this coming week.  It will be a long-term money saver.

It was a quiet week so that is all I have to share.


Anonymous said...

I find I spend sooo much less if I just stay home.

MJ said...

I would love to hear about the greens experiment. I am not good at gardening, I hope to learn more this year and successfully grown something. We have some animals that eat greens too.

Dawn said...

Hi, MJ. I have a post scheduled this week with pictures and more information on sprouts for animals.