Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sprouts on a Larger Scale

W was plundering around the internet and came across information about sprouting seeds to use for animal food.  It is a large scale version of my kitchen sprouter.  We were given a very large container of wheat seed.  This was the perfect opportunity to try it out. 



It is made with gutters and caps.  The top three pieces have several tiny holes drilled in the bottom.  There are approximately 6-8 for each piece.  They have a cap on each end.  The bottom gutter has no holes and only one cap.  The uncapped in has a bucket underneath to catch the water.  This is stored inside our greenhouse.  The sprouts are protected from the cold weather and from the free range chickens.


Just like in a home sprouter the seeds are spread in each tray and water is poured over the top tray.  It drains down through the trays and finally into the bucket.  In about 10 days there are tender, green wheat sprouts that we can feed to the chickens, ducks, and rabbits.



We are staggering the start times so that we have a steady supply of food for the animals.  Here you can see some sprouts that are about 5 days old.



These sprouts are 10 days old.  They are an inexpensive treat for the animals.  It is even less expensive since we were gifted the wheat seeds.  Even when we pay for them the cost will be very low.  It has worked out so well that we are expanding the system and adding in additional trays.

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