Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Savings

My laptop got a virus last week.  I am cleaning it myself but got frustrated.  I have put it aside until after the holidays.  I am thankful to have my Kindle to use in the meantime.

My husband cut his hair.  He prefers to keep it very short so it is easy for him to do.  I cannot count the money this has saved.

I combined my errands with his, and we made one trip into town.  Even though gas is cheap I prefer not to be wasteful.

I made several gifts from items I have on hand.  I also baked two loaves of bread to give as gifts.

I harvested broccoli from the garden.  I planted garden pea seeds that we had saved from last year.  I also planted kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and radish seeds.  My husband was able to hook up two grow lights in the greenhouse.  I harvested peppers and a tomato from the greenhouse.

I used wrapping paper bought several years ago on clearance to wrap gifts.  I used shutterfly coupon codes to get calendars for my parents and my husband & myself.

Warmer weather meant we did not have to use the heater.  It was nice enough to work in the yard and garden.  I used feed sacks as trash bags.  I have been tossing a couple bags of trash in our regular bin each week.

Based my food items for the church Christmas party on what was on sale this past week as well as what I had on hand.  This helped keep the cost down.  I was even able to try out a new recipe.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clearance Plants

The succulents do not look special now but given a few months’ time they will fill in both areas nicely.  The flat originally cost $17 which I would not have considered paying.  The $5 price was much easier to handle.  I know that these will survive the winter since all of the places I have planted them are sheltered. 




 I chose to give them room to spread rather than planting them too thick right now.  They make me smile every time I go out the front door.