Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekly Savings

I am working my way slowly to getting this post back to Sundays.  I am slowly getting there. 

This past week I repaired a pair of jeans. The metal button had fallen off a pair.  I used it to find a similar sized regular button from my craft supplies which I sewed on. 

At the grocery store I stuck to my budget in spite of buying meat (bone-in chicken breasts, a Boston butt, and a turkey).  I used part of the chicken and the Boston butt to make a large pot of Brunswick stew.  This was divided into meal sized portions and put in the freezer.  I am slowly working to restock the freezer with some easy meals. 

I ordered a few more Christmas gifts using gift cards earned with Swagbucks.  I placed an order for in store pickup through Swagbucks to earn some points. 

I purchased a large flat of succulents on clearance for $5.  These were regularly $17.  It was enough to fill two window boxes and a flower bed along the porch with room for them to spread.  Now that the chickens no longer have access to the flower bed they should do well.  (Pictures tomorrow)

I worked on a handmade gift of matching games using supplies I already had.  I also made 35 tubes of lip balm to use as gifts.  The initial cost of the lip balm was not cheap, but I have enough supplies to make lots of these.  When the cost is spread out, it is very cheap.

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