Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beach Trip

Dh and I did manage to sneak away around the middle of August for one last beach trip. While it was only for a day, it was great to get away. I love going to the beach in August after school has started back. There are some families usually from out of state. For the most part the beach looks like this:

I am happy to sit on the beach and read or swim, but dh loves to fish. He catches some small fish, stingrays, and a few shark like this one:

The sight of a shark no matter how small always draws a crowd and empties the ocean near us. The children get a kick out of petting a shark before dh releases back into the ocan.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Shower

About a month ago I hosted a baby shower for my cousin and his wife. They are expecting a girl around Thanksgiving. I wanted something a bit different and went with a more sophisticated but still fun theme.

My inspiration was a set of mini candy bar wrappers from Martha Stewart on clearance at Walmart. I chose the rest of the decorations based on these.

The main colors were pink and brown with yellow thrown in. I did order the napkins, plates, and a few decorations on line.

The table were covered with pink tablecloths and brown runners. The table decorations were a last minute idea. I used some pink gift bags that were free from CVS last year. I added yellow ducks that I cut from scrapbook paper using a cookie cutter to get the shape right.

They gave the tables a pop of color for no extra cost. After the shower, I removed the ducks and folded the tissue paper which went back in the gift bags.

The silver punch bowl was accented with my stash of ivy. I found the little pink flowers in my shower decoration box. The pineapple punch was yummy and the perfect color to blend in with the theme.

I would not call it a cheap baby shower. I would say it was tasteful on a budget. I saved money in some areas so that I could afford to spend more in others. Being thrifty is all about balance.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Despite what this picture looks like, I have not been goofing off the past few months. I have been very busy planning my church's 100th anniversary. When I agreed to do it, I could not have imagined the time that would go into it and all of the little details that would need attention.

The BIG DAY was this past Sunday. It went well, but I am happy that it is all over. I will post more about it later, but I wanted to stop in and do a quick update.

My goal is to start posting regularly again. I have been doing a few other things since July including a baby shower and a beach trip. Stay tuned!