Friday, August 8, 2014

Furry Friday - Paris vs. Snake

Yesterday as I headed out the back door, I noticed Paris in the clothes basket with a puffy face and a spot of blood on her cheek.  I had W take a look at her, and he spotted a second spot on her nose.  He determined that Paris had been bitten by a snake.  I called the vet, and they were able to see her right away. 


The vet agreed with W’s diagnosis that it was a snake bite and was from a non-poisonous snake.  He said that could keep her overnight but felt she would be better with treatment and a trip back to her own house.  She got a shot of pain medicine and a shot of Benedryl.





The shot helped the swelling and the pain medicine seemed to make her more comfortable.  She has spent most of the time since then resting.  She has been eating and drinking and is on the way to recovery.  Hopefully she will stick to hunting prey that does not bite back.  Most likely it was a rat snake that bit her.  We have seen those around the yard all too often – a side effect of having chickens. 

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