Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekly Savings

Things are getting hectic here.  I am working on something shoebox related every day.  It is not enough that I am still trying to organize this year’s stuff.  So I am working on things for next year too.  Items have come my way, and I refuse to let them past me by.  These are enormous blessings as the children at church are already thinking about next year’s goal. 


I am cooking mostly from the pantry/freezer.  I am freezing homemade cookie dough for the shoebox packing party.  I decided it would be easier to simply bake the cookies the weekend of the party rather than making them all from scratch. 


We picked peppers, lettuce, and pumpkins from the garden.  It has been nice to have fresh lettuce again.  I found one last raspberry in the garden which was a tasty surprise.



W was coming home from work and saw some construction workers loading up old windows onto a trailer.  He stopped and asked if they were going to throw them away.  They said yes so he asked if he could have them.  They happily gave them to him as it saved them a disposal fee.  We will put these in the greenhouse next year.




I stopped at a neighbor’s yard sale over the weekend and bought 12 half-pint jars, three boxes of jar flats, a pile of canning rings, and several wide mouth jar lids for $10.  I rarely find canning jars here as most people can.  I was happy with my find.


I watched several fall shows online for free.  I also watched a special program of my favorite college basketball team.  I purchased a year’s subscription to the college’s athletic network.  This allows me to watch all of the games (even the pre-season exhibition games) for less than the cost of one month of satellite service. 


I used a Magazines.com gift card to get a magazine subscription for $2.  I get these gift cards emailed to me from time to time.  I often find magazines that I can get for free, or I use them to get a discount off a magazine I really love.



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Terri Cheney said...

Love all your finds. Miss seeing you in our group but understand how very busy you are. I'm only just catching up with you for the week myself!