Saturday, March 7, 2015

Savings Highlights from the Past Month and the Reason for My Absence

First the reason for my issues.  My computer has been on its last leg for about six months.  Recently however it was having serious issues.  I needed it to do things for church so I was saving its last bit of usage for that.  A side benefit was that I took a mini-vacation from being online.  For someone who was practically attached at the hip to the computer, that was a big deal!  I hope it carries on for a bit now that I have a new one. 

I will never remember all of my savings for the past month, but I did want to hit some highlights.

I saved up to pay cash for my new computer. 

I stuck to my grocery budget and have a bit of money saved up for a trip to Sam's in a month or two.  We have put a bit of a dent in the freezer.  I froze muffins, taquitos, and meal size portions of a Boston butt (purchased on sale).

W had a pair of work boots repaired for just $12.  A new pair of boots is $85.  He should be able to get close to a year's worth of wear from the repaired boots.  I also had a pair of my shoes repaired.  I spent $5 to have a loose sole fixed.  It was not an obvious problem, but I wanted to fix it before it became a major problem.

I waited to wash clothes until I could dry them on the line.  I did dry smaller loads and delicates on a drying rack inside.  February was a wet, dreary month here so not using the drying all of the time was a struggle.  It was a money saver to not use it though.

W cut his own hair.  I am letting my hair grow out so I have skipped several months' haircuts. 

The chickens have started laying again so we have plenty of eggs.  We continue to use the gutter system in the greenhouse to grow wheatgrass for the animals.  They also got lots of clover when I weeded a few of the raised beds.

I avoided sinus problems turning into something worse with a homemade decongestant.  It was strong but I actually liked the taste.  Better yet it broke up the congestion I had which most likely would have turned into bronchitis.   I had all of the ingredients on hand so it was frugal too.

That is just a quick update on things here.  I am happy to be back online!

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Terri Cheney said...

How nice to see you back! It has been hard to wait to do laundry when it's sunny. So seldom these days...