Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make It Yourself

Last week I was pre-chopping rabbit vegetables.  It is easier to feed them each evening if I can grab a container of vegetables and go.  While I was chopping those, I realized that I should be chopping up some people vegetables.  I know everyone has seen the pre-chopped/prepared vegetables in the grocery store.  The price per weight is much higher than buying whole vegetables.  It did not take me too long to cut a bunch of celery into sticks, wash grapes, make carrot chips, and slice up a package of cheese.

I put everything in clear containers so it is easy to see.  (These are my new Lock and Lock containers. )  We have been snacking on them over the weekend.  It is much easier to grab a healthy snack now.  Plus I saved some money by making it myself.

1 comment:

Helena said...

Love it! You are so organised. You should in fact write a book on how to live on a budget and doing things yourself. You'd be perfect for it.