Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pantry Challenge Check-In

I am doing well with the modified pantry challenge so far and did not buy any groceries this week.  Yeah!  I also decided to go through what I had so I could make better use of it.  I tossed a bunch of shriveled potatoes and some bad garlic.  I did manage to save a dozen heads which I roasted.  Ten of those went into the freezer and I kept two out to use this week.



W had mentioned wanting tacos, and I had no shells or tortillas.  I could have made some but did not have enough time.  Instead I went with nachos which used up some tortilla chips.  I always make my own taco seasoning from spices I keep on hand.  This time I opted to make two pounds of taco seasoned meat.  One-fourth of it was used for nachos, and I put three containers in the freezer for future, quick meals.


Using up stuff in the kitchen has spread to other parts of the house.  I spent some time making envelopes out of some wallpaper samples.  Not only do I have something useful, I am getting the wallpaper books out of the house.


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