Monday, May 13, 2019

Animals on the Farm

Our little hobby farm has plenty of baby birds.  All of them are shy so I apologize in advance for the pictures.

The baby turkeys are in a much larger pen under the pear tree.  It gives them room to run around and get a bit of sunshine and plenty of fresh air. Baby turkeys need to be kept separate from chickens the first few months of their lives.  The free range chicks stay close to their mother and body guards and do not associate with the chickens so they are safe.

This is two baby quail and a bantam chick also in a larger brooder.  Unfortunately we have no more quail eggs to put in the incubator right now.  The adult quail live with the peafowl, and the peafowl have decided they love to eat quail eggs.  Building a separate quail pen is on W's list of things to do.

Our australorp hen hatched out two babies.  Normally we would not leave the little ones in a pen with other big chickens - especially two big roosters.  You have to know the temperament of this other chickens.  These two happily hang out in the pen and wander outside the fence.  All of the hens and the two roosters keep an eye on them.

We have a peachick!  Baby peafowl look very similar to baby turkeys.  This one is only about a day old.  We have a turkey hatching out that we plan to put with the peachick.  I hate for any animal to be on its own.  Everyone needs a friend.  Most of the eggs in the incubator did not hatch unfortunately.  W discovered that the turkey we thought was sitting on eggs was actually sitting on nothing.  He gave her nine peahen eggs so hopefully she will hatch out some peachicks.  

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