Monday, July 13, 2020


I fell off the pantry challenge train.  I did not completely fall off though.  I decided to do a mix of a pantry challenge and freezer cooking.  I ended up doing a Wal-Mart pick up order for items I could use along with what I have to make some freezer meals/snacks.

This month thus far I have added four breakfast for supper casseroles, sausage and cheese biscuit sandwiches, baked oatmeal cups, jalapeno poppers,  cheese sticks, and two apple crisps. 

This week I am hoping to do one item a day for the freezer.  On my list are:

  • jalapeno poppers
  • eclair cake
  • pesto tortellini
  • taco spaghetti
  • chicken pot pie filling

For the main dish items I will have at least two meals worth.  I may try to divide the eclair cake into three pans since we do not need a huge amount of dessert at one time.  I bought disposable pans with lids from Amazon for about 30 cents each.  I will not feel bad if they are too messy to wash and just get thrown away.  The pans are not huge as I am not planning on leftovers for the freezer meals.  

As I am starting to put a few things in the freezer I realize that the freezer needs some attention.  My goal is to put items we plan to eat during the week in the kitchen refrigerator freezer.  The pantry refrigerator freezer will be for snack and breakfast items mainly.  The main freezer will be for storage of the freezer meals, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc.

I am always looking for tried and true recipes.  Do you have a favorite freezer meal?  

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