Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Wonderful Kitchen Tool

I should warn you ahead of time that this pictures in this post are a bit mixed up.  I took some one day and the rest another day so they do not match. 

This is my favorite new kitchen tool:  an apple peeler, corer, slicer.  It took me minutes to peel, core, and slice an eight pound bag of apples.  It was so easy I did three 8 pound bags of apples.

It was not all just for the fun of using the machine.  Those apple slices went into the dehydrator and become dried apple slices.  They are yummy for snacking and delicious in my morning oatmeal.

With the apple slices I was left with piles and piles of apple peels and cores.  W was insistent that I do something constructive the "leftovers".  I piled them all in a pot with a bit of water.

Once they cooked down I strained out the apple juice to make jelly.  Here is where the mixed up pictures come in.  These are Granny Smith apple leftovers but the picture shows jelly made with Red Delicious leftovers. 

The now cooked and mushy apple leftovers went to the chickens who found them to still be quite tasty.  This was a no-waste project.   Sure I could have tossed the peels and cores straight into the compost pile, but I would have missed out  on the middle man - yummy apple jelly.  Every bit of the apple was used and enjoyed!


Helena said...

I have the same tool! It's amazing isn't it? I leave the apple peels and core outside for the birds.

terricheney said...

I think that jelly is so pretty! I hope when I boil my parings that the jelly has that pretty rosy color.