Monday, December 10, 2012

Greenhouse Update

Oh my, I can hardly believe over a month has flown by since my last post.  It is past time for an update of what is going on in the greenhouse. 
When I posted last it was practically empty.  We had a night of below freezing temperatures a couple of weeks ago.  I moved my plants into the greenhouse.  The tomato plant you see near the left hand side looks sad, but it has quite a few tomatoes.  I am crossing my fingers that they will grow a bit and ripen.
On the other side of the greenhouse are lots of  pineapple plants, the lettuce, and a few ferns and other flowers.

Remember that container of dirt that I planted lettuce seeds in about a month ago..... Here is it.  This picture was taken after I had clipped a bowl full of lettuce.  I have missed homegrown organic lettuce.  The never ending fresh lettuce in the middle of winter is one of my favorite benefits of a greenhouse. 
The pineapple on one of the larger plants is growing well.  We should be eating fresh pineapple in a month or so.  (I do not know why the picture rotated itself.)
Some of the cuttings I took are showing signs of life.  I hope this means they are growing roots as well.  I am trying to be patient and will check them at the end of this month.
This biggest surprise to me what how quickly the dwarf lemon tree has grown.  I should have put it in the greenhouse a month or so sooner.  It went from looking okay to being covered in little bloom buds.  I can hardly wait until they open.  It seems like that happened overnight!

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Helena said...

so nice to see all those green plants and sprouting life! It's so cold here at the moment, we had frost all day and it's beautiful, but I look forward to spring too! On our walk on Sunday I saw lots of buds on shrubs and trees already - amazing since some trees haven't even dropped all their leaves yet. My bulbs are all sprouting too, can't wait to see the colours of spring...