Sunday, December 30, 2012

Joining a Pantry Challenge

W already made the comment that we needed to do a pantry challenge.  When I saw this post on Good Cheap Eats, I knew I wanted to join in. 

My goals are to use what we have and cut my grocery spending.  I did some stocking up over the holidays and am paying for it now.  We have plenty of food on hand and are in no danger of going hungry or even feeling deprived.  It will involve some cooking from scratch.  I will still pick up a few fresh foods.  Otherwise I will use what we have.

Are you planning to eat from the pantry to start the new year?


Rhonda said...

Dawn, this sounds like a great idea. I sure need to do this challenge-
the freezer is full of meat and I would like to pay our car insurance without using any of our short term savings account.
Wonder if I can? Are you going to post daily?

Dawn said...

I am going to try to post daily, but it may be a couple times a week. I might do a what I bought post and a what we used from the pantry/freezer post.

Helena said...

Great idea. We don't have the same size pantries that you guys do, just tiny little cupboards. I don't tend to stock up because of that, but buy as and when I think I will use it. However, there is always that tin of beans that has not yet been used, and probably a box of chocolate pudding... which I should not use! I tend to cook a lot from scratch now to save the pennies, in particular making home made bread is so much cheaper and tastes so much better!

Dawn said...

Helena, I agree that homemade bread is much cheaper and definitely tastier. With a little practice it is an easy skill to learn.

Susan in SC said...

I've being doing this for quite a while. But, I will keep going even though the freezer is pretty much cleared out. I can still work from the pantry!