Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday and Anniversary Cards for 2013

I have tried all day to upload some photos for this post, but I only managed to get two.  I really enjoy sending birthday and anniversary cards to family and friends.  This year I decided to make cards rather than buy them.  I have an assortment of supplies so it was basically just time. 

I also prefer to prepare cards for the coming year all at once.  I keep them divided by month.  At the beginning of the month,  I pull the cards and then just need to mail them.  If you are one of the friends I send cards to, act surprised when yours arrives in the mail this year.

Here is a sample of a birthday card I made.  I used an embossing folder to do the swirls.  I stamped and colored the image in the center.  The insides are stamped with various birthday sentiments.

The anniversary card features the same embossed design.  The bird embellishment was actually a purchased tag.  I used a jewel piece to cover the whole where the ribbon would have gone.

I do plan to use my Cricut to make some cards this year.  A part of me really likes the simple cards though.


Lilac Dreams said...

I want to pull my rubber stamps out and make cards again this yeara, It gives this adult a chance to like a kid and color...

Helena said...

I want to get an embossing machine, thinking about cuttlebug. What kind do you have and do you recommend them...?? I've never used one!

Dawn said...

Helena, it depends on what size cards you want to make. I have the Sizzix Texture Boutique. It does the smaller size cards (4" x 5.5"). I really like it. I have heard good things about the cuttlebug too. It is nice that embossing folders are pretty much interchangeable between machines.