Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grocery Shopping & Pantry Challenge Days 2 & 3

I am trying to get into the habit of posting what we ate on the night we ate it.  I am combining two days to get me on track.  First up the grocery shopping.  I sent W to the store since he had to go to work for a few hours.  He stuck to the list I sent and purchased four boxes of instant grits and a bag of oranges.  Those items were for his lunch.  The grits will last him for the next several months.  I try to stock up when they are on sale.  There are enough oranges for at home snacking as well as his lunch.  The total spent was $11.32. 

Day Two Meals
Breakfast - We did not eat any - a rare occurrence, but it happens.

Lunch - ham sandwiches on homemade bread with Doritos for W and cheese ball and wheat crackers for me
Supper - I felt yucky last night so I had soup from the freezer & W ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.
Day Three Meals
Breakfast - W had eggs and toast.  I ate an English muffin and homemade yogurt with granola
Lunch - Taco salads using homemade tortillas, lettuce from the greenhouse, and other bits from the freezer
Supper - We are not quite there yet, but I am planning vegetable soup.
Tuesday I made a double batch of whole wheat tortillas.  I had a little assembly line going  I rolled out the dough on an area of the counter.
I cooked them on a griddle on the kitchen island.
Then I placed them on a rack to cool before bagging them to freeze.  Now I have a good supply to pull from the freezer.  I prefer homemade tortillas.  They are simple to make and use only basic ingredients so are quite inexpensive.  I had all of the ingredients on hand.


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