Friday, January 11, 2013

Pantry Challenge Day 11

First up a review of the tomato soup from yesterday's post.  It was delicious.  W turned his nose up at the idea of tomato soup so I served him vegetable soup from the freezer.  When he saw me eating it, he was sorry he chose to eat something else.  I think he was expecting something along the lines of canned tomato soup which this is not!  I had plenty of leftovers for the freezer so W can have tomato soup on another day.

Today's breakfast was more of the same.  Lunch was the burritos we did not eat for lunch yesterday.  Tonight we are having Cream Baked Ziti.  Only it will be creamy baked penne since that is what was in the pantry.  This was on my list of recipes to try.  I chose it since I need to use up some sour cream.  I am serving it with homemade breadsticks and salad (lettuce from the greenhouse & homemade dressing). 

I feel good at nearly two weeks into the pantry challenge.  We have barely scratched the surface of our freezers.  The pantry is still well stocked. This was a good thing to do.  I needed something to stop me from buying more food and start using what we have. 


Rhonda said...

that tomato soup sounds good to me too.
I have barely made a dent in our freezers either- I guess that is a blessing!

Susan in SC said...

My pantry is still full. The freezer is beginning to show some empty spots. That. Is good since freezer burn can be a bad thing. I bet yur tomato soup was really good!