Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pantry Challenge Day 10

I have been on a cooking spree lately.  Some times I get in the mood when I just want to cook so I am taking advantage of it.  I am also moving through my January list of recipes to try.  I still have some magazine recipes I need to sort and may test a few of those this month.

Breakfast here was the same as yesterday.  I had  yogurt and granola while W ate cereal. 

My plan for lunch was enchiladas and homemade baked tortilla chips.  I had been wanting to try homemade tortilla chips for months, and today seemed like the perfect day.  I made corn tortillas first and then cut them into wedges and baked them.  They were not exactly like store bought tortilla chips, but I was quite happy. 

You might have noticed "the plan was" which means it did not go as I intended.  W fell asleep on the couch.  This was much more than a nap so I scraped the original lunch idea and ate a snack-y lunch myself. 

I might have considered moving lunch to supper except I already had supper in the crockpot - Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup.  I had all of the ingredients on hand.  I used dehydrated celery and onions.  I had home canned tomatoes and oregano from the garden.  We have not actually eaten supper yet so I will have to let you know tomorrow how it turned out. 

It is dreary and drizzling here so I am going to watch a show on Hulu and work on my recipe book.  Does anyone else try new recipes during a pantry challenge or do you stick to the tried and true?

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