Monday, January 7, 2013

Pantry Challenge Days 6 & 7 with Ranch Dip Mix Recipe

W has taken the same things in his lunch both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I had yogurt and granola for breakfast.  I ate lunch with my parents.  Last night W was tired and ate a bowl of cereal.  I was not particularly hungry myself.  I had a snack-y supper of jalapeno poppers, chips, and celery. 

This morning by the time I got a chance to eat breakfast it was almost lunch.  I ended up skipping breakfast and had chili from the freezer for lunch.  Supper tonight will be barbecue sandwiches plus chips and dip.  We have a piece of a bag of plain potato chips left.  W will not eat plain chips.  I mixed up a dry ranch dip mix and added it to some sour cream.  The chickens would happily eat the chips, but the addition of a dip made from ingredients on hand added them to my meal plan.

I cannot remember the original source of this dip mix recipe.  I have had it for years and years.  It is easy to mix up the dry ingredients and store.    It is delicious with chips and vegetables.

Ranch Dip Mix

2 T plus 2 t dried onion
1 T parsley
2 1/2 t paprika
2 t sugar
2 t salt
2 t pepper
1 1/2 t garlic powder
1 C sour cream

Mix all of the dry ingredients together.  Add 1 tablespoon of dry mix to sour cream.  Refrigerate at least several hours to allow flavors to develop. 

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