Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pantry Challenge Days 8 & 9 Plus Grocery Shopping

My Internet has been uncooperative the past two days.  That and a bit of life kept me from posting until now.  On Tuesday - day 8 - we did some rearranging of the outside freezer.  This reaffirmed the fact that I do not need to buy more food.  We are set and will be eating from what we have on hand for more than this month.  We had a late breakfast of yogurt/granola for me and cereal for W.  Lunch was barbecue stuffed potatoes to use up the barbecue left from Monday night.

Today was another late breakfast.  I had waffles and W had cereal.  He loves cereal and would eat it three times a day.  We then had an early supper.  I cooked terriyaki chicken, Parmesan pasta, and green beans. 

Grocery Shopping....I spent all of my $20 this week.  For my money I got a gallon of milk, two bags of M&Ms, powdered milk, cornstarch, baking powder, Simply Lemonade (my treat - on clearance), three packages of gum (to keep W from buying it at an overpriced convenience store), and almonds.  I think I did well for the amount of money I had to spend. 

For at least this month I am going to keep my grocery spending to a maximum of $20 per week with no eating out at all.  It is tempting to stock up on items, but if we have an ample supply I am telling myself no.

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