Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pantry Challenge Day 5 & Waffles

W headed off to work this morning.  He always takes a packed assortment of foods.  This week he is taking grits, popcorn, almonds, powdered doughnuts, Dorito's and tangerines.  I know it is atrocious.  I struggle with sneaking healthy items in his lunch box, but I am working on it.

I had yogurt with a half of a waffle for breakfast.  Dinner was the last of my chicken broccoli rice casserole from the freezer. 

For supper we are having cheeseburgers at W's request.  I might make potato wedges to go with them.

Late yesterday I decided to make waffles.  I had already taken two containers of half and half out of the freezer.  It had been in the freezer too long and definitely needed to be used.  I made a triple batch of waffles.  I used 3 duck eggs rather than the 6 chicken eggs called for in the recipe.  I should have counted how many waffles I ended up making, but I was tired and just wanted to get them in the freezer. 

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