Friday, January 4, 2013

Pantry Challenge Day 4

We ate a late breakfast this morning.  It was almost too late to even call it brunch.  I needed the sleep to fight off whatever silly bug I caught.  That threw our entire day of meals off just a bit.

For breakfast/brunch W had English muffins, eggs, and the last of the ham.  I ate yogurt with granola and a touch of maple syrup.  I was worried that the yogurt would be too tangy since I left it in the cooler two hours longer than planned. 

Since breakfast was so late, we skipped straight to supper.  We had "corn dog" which are actually Hebrew National hot dogs wrapped in my calzone dough and French fries from the freezer.  Not exactly healthy, but it was quick which is a good thing when one is under the weather.

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