Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantry Challenge Monday

I have been taking an antihistamine for an allergic reaction so I have really had no appetite.  I ended up skipping breakfast.  For lunch I had tomato Parmesan soup from the freezer and a grilled cheese.  W was not hungry tonight so I ended up having a snacky supper. 

Tomorrow I am going to make a big pot of Brunswick stew.  It is usually an all day event.  I cooked some chicken tonight and have it in the fridge.  I will put a Boston butt in the crockpot tonight.  In the morning I will cook the tomatoes and potatoes and put everything together.  Then let it all cook for a few hours.  We will have some for supper and the rest will go in the freezer for future meals.  I already have all of the ingredients so this fits into the pantry challenge perfectly.

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Angela said...

Hi Dawn, Would you share your Brunswick stew recipe? My husband would love! Thanks, Angela