Monday, December 30, 2013

Crafting for Operation Christmas Child - Cross Necklaces

I set a goal of working on one crafted item each month to include in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  For December I chose to make cross necklaces. 

Wood cross beads - $6.25/100
pony beads - $5.99/bag (lower with coupon)
hemp cord - $3.99/400 feet (sale price)
*You may find a large needle helpful as not all of the holes in the wood beads were clear.

I cut the cord to about 28 inches.  I used the needle to make sure the holes in each bead were clear.  I put a cross bead on each piece of cord and added a few beads on each side just for fun.  These are optional as the necklace is cute without it.  I then tied a knot in the cord ends.  These easily slipped over my head. 

I actually had 98 wood crosses in my bag.  I purchased the beads with a 50% off coupon and used about half the bag.  I also only used around half of the ball of cord.  That means that each necklace cost about 12 cents.  You can cut the cost to 9 cents if you leave off the pony beads. 

Maybe you do not need 100 (or 98) necklaces.  Oriental Trading offers a Cross Faith Necklace Craft Kit for $5.50 that makes 12 or 46 cents each.  These premade Cross Necklaces are $4.25 for 12 or 35 cents each.

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Susan in SC said...

I really like your cross necklaces. I am sure the little ones will love them!