Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Garden and Greenhouse Update

This time of year I can still grow some vegetables outside.  Since there has not been a hard freeze I have lettuces growing in the raised bed and main garden.  You can also see some mustard on the right.

We have cabbage, broccoli, and turnips growing in the main garden.  These plants last throughout our winters.  We have harvested broccoli, and my mom harvested turnips a couple of times.  The cabbage is just starting to head.

Now we are off to the greenhouse.  First is a flower - a Christmas cactus - that W rescued from his parents' house. 

Here is the tomato that I picked and you can see a few others.  They are not going to be as large as a summer harvest would be, but they taste just as good.

I have a few tomato plants actually along with some pepper plants.

The pineapple plants take up a large section of the greenhouse.

I am waiting patiently for the lemon on my dwarf lemon tree to ripen.  It also has several smaller lemons, but this one will be my first.

Next week I need to arrange things better as it will be time to plant the spring tomato and pepper seeds.  I always have good intentions of placing the plants in the greenhouse neatly the first time.  When the cold weather is looming, I just rush to get everything in and arrange it all later.

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