Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Savings & To Do List

I am running behind but here is my list of savings for the past week. 

I went slightly over budget with my grocery shopping.  It will balance out well as I found milk for $1.50/gallon.  That is an amazing deal for my area so I purchased 4 gallons.  One went into the refrigerator, and the other three went into the freezer.  I also purchased cheese for several freezer meals and to last until it goes on sale again.

I did an inventory of the freezer and discovered we have a large amount of ground venison.  I cooked two pounds to go on pizzas, two pounds to go in burritos, two pounds with taco seasonings, and two pounds plain.  I made an effort to use up all of the leftovers this week.  I cooked refried beans using a pound of dried pinto beans, an onion, garlic, and some seasonings.  They were better and cheaper than buying cans of refried beans. 

I planned laundry around the weather so that I could dry it on the line. 

Before heading out of town for W's doctor appointment, I looked up directions online.  We were able to cut several miles off the trip.  We expected a long wait time.  I had a book and W had some magazines.  The office staff apologized on our way out for the long time.  W told her it was no problem, and I commented that we had brought reading material to pass the time.  She thanked us several times for being understanding.  The doctor also worked us into an appointment for an office closer to our home for the follow-up visit. 

I downloaded several free books for my Kindle.  I received a couple of free magazines. 

I combined a coupon code and sale prices on used DVDs to get several movies and multiple seasons of TV shows.  We have a streaming Netflix subscription, but sometimes in the evenings the internet does not want to cooperate.  This gives us something to watch.  Since we do not watch an enormous amount of television, these will last us for quite a few months.  I also had the money saved up for this purchase ahead of time.

I combined my errands into one trip to save on gas. 

We had several cooler mornings so I opened the windows and delayed turning on the AC. 

We harvested our last pineapple for the time being.  We ate part of it on hamburgers and had pineapple sandwiches with the rest.  I also picked herbs from the garden to use in pizza sauce. 

My mom gave me three gallon bags of peppers which I sliced/diced and dehydrated.  I ended up with 3 pints jars of dried peppers to use this winter.

I am sure there were a few other odds and ends, but I have forgotten them.  Let's move on to the to do list.

I finished up most of last week's list including all of the freezer cooking.  I am taking it easy on myself this week.  My plans:

  1. Make macaroni & cheese to freeze
  2. Work on Christmas cards & gifts
  3. Work on crocheting
That is it!  It is still a bunch to do, but I find the crafty stuff to be relaxing.  What is on your list this week?

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