Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Savings

I apologize for the lack of posts last week.  We had a death in the community.  Living in a small town means everyone rallies around the grieving family.  I was doing other things so the blog took a backseat.  This is a shorter than usual post as I did not really keep track of savings.

I baked cinnamon rolls to take to the family using ingredients that I already had on hand.  For the meal that was served to the family at church, I baked six dozen dinner rolls also using basic ingredients on hand.  The morning of the funeral was hectic as I was making the rolls, but I took time to make some egg salad as an easy lunch for when I got home.

I did find time to clean off the front porch.  I removed some flowers that were past their prime.  I added in two hanging baskets with new flowers.  The flowers had been purchased the previous week on clearance for $1 each.  I reused hanging planters and planted them in compost.  The grass that was pulled from around the porch was fed to the chickens.

I had not planned on making a trip to town before my week started.  We did go to the funeral home so I went by CVS to take advantage of a sale and coupons for dish detergent.  I bought 7 bottles for just under $4. 

I made use of leftover peas and macaroni & cheese as sides for a second meal.  We also had single servings of leftovers.  I ate one and W ate the other.  I made use of items in the freezer rather than buying groceries this week.  I wrote out a menu for this month based heavily on items we have on hand. 

Those are the highlights of my week.  After two crazy weeks I am hoping this week will be nice and quiet.

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