Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly To Do List

I did not even attempt to make a to do list last week so I am starting fresh this week.  From the list two weeks ago I did finish cleaning the deck, make waffles, and make bread & hamburger buns. 

This is week two of the Holiday Grand Plan.  I have high hopes for finishing this year.  Every individual thing I do now will make like easier when the holidays arrive though. 

  1. Deep clean living room.  I have a list of individual items but will lump them all together for this list.  It should be easier since I made a monthly cleaning list earlier this year.  Many of the items on my deep clean list are done on a monthly basis.
  2. Post items on eBay.  I started this today and have already posted 1/3 of the stuff.  I will post the other 2/3 before this week is over.


Part of the Holiday Grand Plan is stocking the freezer with easy meals.  That will be my cooking focus for the near future.

  1. Make beef & bean burritos for freezer.
  2. Make pizzas.  I am going to use pizza sauce rather than my usual sundried tomatoes and make complete pizzas for easy meals. 

  1. Crochet 7 wash cloths.
  2. Work on Christmas cards
  3. Sand wood for second matching game.

What are your plans for this week?  Anyone else taking part in the Holiday Grand Plan?

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