Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Savings

I cooked all meals at home this past week.  I stuck to my grocery budget and also did two weeks worth of shopping.  I try to go to one out of the way store once a month.  I can get many basics cheaper and prefer to stock up.

I borrowed an idea from The Prudent Homemaker for having fresh flowers in the house.  Leo and I went to the edge of the woods and picked honeysuckles.  I enjoyed them all week and composted the flowers at the end of the week.

We have a second, outside washing machine.  It is used for washing pet blankets and other things we do not want in the main washing machine.  It is actually pieced together from two machines.  This past week it stopped cutting off when full.  W checked the hoses first per a suggestion of my search on Fixya.  They were fine.  He then checked the switch that causes the water to cut off.  It had a reset switch.  A few minutes of time on his part gave us a working washing machine again.

I pulled weeds by hand from the garden.  I fed the single tomato worm I found to one of my chickens, Piglet.  I do not like to use chemicals in the garden.  Doing the wedding myself gives me some exercise and saves money.  Piglet is always happy to eat any tomato worms, which are the main bugs I find.

I picked three cucumbers from the greenhouse.  I also started some oregano and marjoram seeds rather than buying plants.

I combined a sale and coupons to get two boxes of W's acid reflux medicine at a good deal. It ended up being better than the weekend deal I had missed.  I saved $23 on the two boxes.


MJ said...

I loved that you picked flowers from the woods. I love Brandy's flowers too. I don't do well yet at growing things, but I did that last year brought in some wild ones that grow as weeds in our yard, I will do the same things this year.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So proud you were able to save the washing machine.
I too,love to pick honeysuckle vines to put in the house..They smell so good and are so pretty..
have a great week.