Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Savings

Hmm...Some of you may have gotten a partial weekly savings post.  I apologize for the mix up.  Blogger and I were having issues over the weekend.

My first savings was on grocery shopping.  I did not purchase any groceries this past week and only spent $25 the week before.  I am making a real effort to use the food we have on hand rather than buying more.  This gives me a surplus of money in my grocery budget to shop sale items and stock up.

I like to read in bed at night before going to sleep.  I had been using a battery operated light.  My issue was that this light loved batteries.  It refused to work with rechargeable batteries though.  Last week W found a corded swivel lamp in the trash.  He put in a light bulb and plugged it up.  To our surprise it worked perfectly.  I have no idea why anyone would have thrown it away.  Now I have a lovely reading lamp without wasting money on disposable batteries.

I cleaned out my closet last month and had started shopping on eBay for some clothing (mainly tops) to replace the ones I had donated/thrown away.  My cousin, who is very close to my size, stopped by this past week with a bag of clothes from her closet.  She spends more money on clothing than I do and likes to refresh her closet every so often.  I was able to wear about 90% of what she gave me.  It is a nice mixture of short sleeved and long sleeved tops.  My closet is more than restocked with no money out of pocket.  That was a true blessing.

I broke my left little toe on Good Friday.  W insisted that I go to the doctor since it was sticking out like a thumb.  I had broken it where it connects to my foot so the doctor ordered me on crutches for a week or so.  We have a "family" pair of crutches that were purchased at a yard sale for $2.  They get passed around to whomever needs them. 

That hits the high points.  I am planning to get back into the habit of posting my savings each week. 

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