Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday Update

I had this listed as a quarantine update but technically my state is not under a full quarantine.  That said W and I are still staying close to home.  I appreciate the mobile deposit for our bank which means fewer trips into town. 

Looking at the week ahead I have no plans to go into town.  I do need to mow the church cemetery either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I have plenty of Etsy orders to fill but finding yarn has become more difficult.  I ordered some over a week okay but it has not shipped yet.  I placed an order with a different company that gave me an estimated delivery date.  I am still praying it comes at least in the middle of the estimate.  I also have some custom orders to work on.

In the garden I really need to do some weeding.  That is a bit tricky as I need to keep an eye on Sadie at the same time.  I planted the last of the tomatoes.  I am seeing lots of blooms on the tomato and pepper plants as well as a few small squash. 

I am staying up pretty well on housework.  W is helping by hanging out clothes and washing dishes.  I am working off the big menu plan I did last week for our meals.  I expect it will last much longer than a month since leftovers take up some days.  We are eating on the stuff that Warren's parents gave us for suppers - cereal, frozen grilled cheese, uncrustables, and piles of snack items.  I may have to get some dairy items by next month, but with our stockpile and the garden producing we should be pretty well set on food. 

I hope everyone is doing well.  Stay safe!

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