Friday, May 1, 2020

Welcome Sadie!

Before the pandemic we had been casually looking for a second dog.  Toby is very social but did get play dates with my parents' three dogs.  Sadly about two months ago Toby's best dog friend Shadow passed away.  By then the virus was taking over which was not the best time to start seriously looking, but we did. 

I feel like I submitted applications on dozens of beagles.  They would all be adopted quickly before we could even set up a meeting.  Great for the rescue dogs but hard when we wanted to adopt.  Sadie had been one of them, but she too was adopted.  I was going through Facebook and who should show back up - Sadie.  I messaged and asked about her, and she was available again.  I did not get my hopes up since nothing else had worked out. 

We were warned she was very shy and skittish and did not warm up to people quickly.  W said we needed to at least meet her.  Wednesday morning we left with Toby.  Her foster stayed with us a bit, but then W took both dogs and walked them away from her.  Sadie quit pulling away from him and seemed to settle a tiny bit.  Toby liked her so we took the chance.

Today is the start of our second full day with Sadie.  She is napping better, wags her tail when she sees us, and comes when we call her.  She walks well for the most part on a leash.  (We are not letting her roam free in the fenced yard yet.)  She sleeps in her bed at night and lets her grammy and grampy pet her just a little.  These are all things we were told she would not do for a while.  You see Sadie has been adopted and returned twice.  I cannot imagine how scary it is for her to be in yet another new home.  

Maybe this is just meant to be her furever home and that is why the others did not work out.  She and Toby get along really well.  Toby just loves having a little sister for playtime.  Never let other people's experience with a rescue pet deter you from adopting.  We went into this following the 3-3-3 rule:  a rescue pet takes three days to stop being completely overwhelmed in the new environment, three weeks to settle in, and three months to feel completely comfortable. Stay tuned to see how Sadie does with each of these milestones in her new home.

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Rhonda said...

Looks to me like she has found her forever home.
I’ following to see how she does but I think both dogs will have lots of fun days together