Thursday, April 30, 2020

In the Garden

These are the largest pepper and tomato plants.  I bought them from the school's FFA. I noticed a few blooms on the tomato plants so we should have some early tomatoes.

These two squash plants were extras from a purchase my aunt made.  They are growing slowly since we have been having cool nights.

I started a bunch of tomato plants.  I gave some away and then just planted the rest where I could find a spot.  In hindsight I should have labeled them.  They are going to be a surprise instead.  The cooler nights have helped them.  No blooms yet, but they are growing well. 

This tomatillo plant sprouted on its own.  I have yet to ever harvest any tomatillos.  Maybe this is the year.  The plant looks very healthy and is full of blooms aleady.

Banana pepper and Eggplant

This is a pepperocini that I overwintered in the greenhouse.  It looks a bit puny but has already started putting on new growth.

Black jalapeno.  After I moved it out of the greenhouse ants took over.  I have some instant grits to toss in and around the pot which will hopefully get them to move on.

Next week I will share the herb portion of the garden.  

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