Monday, April 20, 2020

Quarantine Update

I sort of gave up on goals and other normal things during this abnormal time.  Life has been hectic even though we have been staying at home for a little over four weeks now.  W and I continue to both be very busy.  Since our jobs are not tied into big stores or being around a bunch of people, we are blessed to continue to work.  I am working on pre-orders as well as new ones that come in.  Fortunately I have a good stockpile of yarn and have had no problems with ordering what I need.

The garden is nearly done as far as planting.  I need to clean in between the beds and also do weeding.  That is a never ending job.  Thankfully my area has been getting regular rain without the bad weather affecting much of the south.  Rain does the garden more good than water from a sprinkler. 

We also have baby chicks thanks to several batam hens sitting on eggs.  I will share pictures of the chicks as well as the garden later in the week.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

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Rhonda said...

I glad both your self-employments are going so well.
I went out to weed a flower bed and did some. Then I stopped for a bit and saw it is supposed to rain Wednesday so I’m going to finish weeding on Thursday. Those weeds with long roots will pull up easier when the ground is soft after rain.