Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garden Update

I spent part of yesterday afternoon weeding the garden. The only downside of free potting soil is that it has weeds in it. On the flip side I could never have purchased so much at one time, and weeding is good exercise.
It has been fun for me to see how the garden has changed over the weeks. Aside from the blog I am using the pictures for my garden journal. If you garden and do not have a journal, I highly recommend you start one. I use mine to record how long it took seeds to sprout, when I planted, when I first harvested. Everyone else may have a better memory than I do. It never fails that I cannot remember when I planted the previous years. It is also a nice record of your gardening adventures!

Here are the herbs again. The basil has really grown this week.

I think we can start eating some lettuce next week. The squash (left side) are growing slowly, but the zucchini (on the right) are doing better. I saw some tiny radishes yesterday too.

This area had the worst weeds and is the most improved after weeding. The cucumbers and mini pumpkins have started running. The few remaining tomatoes and peppers will need staking by next week.

Stars & Moon Watermelon Plant - Maybe you can see the yellow "stars" on the leaves

Cucumber Blossom

Tomato Blossoms

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Rhonda in OK said...

Really nice, Dawn!

my little garden has some tiny tomatos and peppers on the vines.
our squash and cucumbers are growing like crazy but no blooms on them yet.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.