Friday, May 2, 2008

Garden Update & Busy Friday

Time for my Friday garden update. Here is a new picture of the first section which has all my herbs. I did add in two new plants this week. I picked up some marjoram and a lavender plant. I have tried & tried but cannot grow lavender from seeds. The basil is growing slowly but all of the other seeds that sprouted are really taking off. I need to trim and dry some of the thyme.

This is section two which has the lettuces, spinach, squash, zucchini, carrots, radishes, pumpkins and watermelons. The watermelons have yet to sprout. Half of the squash and zucchini are up. I think the other seeds have fallen victim to that sweet cat from last week's photos. She loves to get in the garden and just dig. I will most likely be replanting two squares next week.

Section three looks the least interesting. It has the tomatoes and peppers as well as the cucumbers. I start my tomatoes & peppers from seeds since I have a certain variety that grows well here (after years of trial and error, lots of error). I think I lost a couple and will replant those with some late plants for later tomatoes.

This is one of the pumpkins sprouting.

Here are the radish plants again. They have really taken off this week.

One square area of lettuce

In my defense I will say that I used last year's seeds bought on clearance for the lettuce and radishes. I was not expecting every seed to come up so I was heavy handed when I planted. I will have to do some thinning out in the very near future.

Now for the busy Friday was yard sale day 1 in my neighborhood. We usually do well and this year was no different. I like to do an annual clean out and can always find items to sell. Before everyone things I am a pack rat or spend all year buying stuff only to sell it later, that is far from the truth. Some items are given to us by family members specifically for our yard sale. After several years I also know what will sell and may pick up items cheap with the intention of reselling them. We never make enough to get rich but it is a little extra money. The yard sale is like a little block party when neighbors stop by to chat as much as shop. It has been a long day though. I am looking forward to a bath and the clean sheets I put on the bed this morning.


Susan in SC said...

Your garden looks really nice. What a clever idea to use a soaker hose to water each square. I think I will borrow that idea! Susan in SC

Rhonda in OK said...

Your garden looks great~ I can hardly wait to see the pictures of your harvest.

I gave your blog an award, you can see the details on my blog