Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Have a Problem

They say the first step to reform is admitting that you have a problem. My problem is pictured at the left. I collect recipes and am constantly tearing them out of magazines. The real trouble is that I never try any of them. I simply stick the pages in a folder. I decided it was time to be a more adventurous cook. As often as possible I am pulling a recipe out of the file and actually cooking it. {GASP!} After tasting it dh and I give it a rating. If we liked it, the recipe goes into the three-ring recipe binder that is a constant work in progress. The first one up was brown sugar glazed salmon. Dh was a bit skeptical of the combination of brown sugar and salmon, but the results were good. It got a rating of seven. I will be adding it into my collection and will be moving on to a new recipe.
I have to admit that looking back through my tearfile I wonder why I tore some of the recipes out. Perhaps I was hungry when I was looking through the magazines. I know we try some that are awful and those recipes will go straight into the trash.
My goal is to get a collection of recipes so I can do menus for three months at a time. This might not work as I like to shop sales. At least I will have some tried and true recipes to turn to when I am wondering what to cook. I like to cook, and my dh does not mind being a guinea pig. We make a nice pair!

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